Branding and Marketing For Homeopathic Doctor

Dr. Vivek Kumar ji got in talks with us in order to practice his homeopathic practice. We got involved by studing on 'how to brand a homeopathic doctor professionally and ethically'. We initiated from Brand Naming - "Homeothics" and taken up the challenge to the next level by developing visual identity of the homeopathy brand.

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Branding a Homeopath

We had a well detailed session with Dr. Vivek Kumar ji to understand the way he processes his OPD procedures for his homeopathic practice. Post this we worked upon branding his as a well reputed Sr. Homoepath in the town and in nearby areas.

Promoting Homeopathic Doctor

Promoting a Homeopathic Doctor

We started from creating a strong visual identity of brand "Homeothics" and spreading out the message to the audience about the practice is bring done ethically. This was the punch of the brand that seprates it from others.

Homeopathic Doctor Logo Design Agency

Brand's Visual Identity

Fresh & appealing brand visual identity was created for a Homoepathic Doctor practice. This includes - Business cards, Letterheads & patient registration card. In-clinic along with out clinic branding was also developed for the same.

Homeopathic Doctor Business Card Design Agency

Doctor Business Cards

Homeopathic Doctor Letterheads Design Agency

Doctor Letterheads

Homeopathic Doctor Envelops Design Agency

Doctor Envelops

Homeopathic Doctor Patient Card Design Agency

Homeopathic Patient Card

Homeopathic Doctor Shop Board Design Agency

Shop Board Design

Homeopathic Doctor Hoarding Design Agency

Homeopathic Doctor Hoarding

Outdoor Branding Creative designed and developed for homeopathic doctor.

Hoarding Advertisement Agency

Hoarding Advertisement

Outdoor Branding Creative designed and developed for homeopathic doctor.

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Brand's Digital Marketing

Effective Facebook Marketing campagin was initiated for a homeopathic doctor.

This has helped them to create the online presence in the area where they practice. Various edm's were created inline to the inputs we got from Dr. Vivek Kumar.

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FB Page

Posts, Promotions, Followers at Insta

best digital marketing agency

Facebook Post

Posts, Likes, Lead Generations at FB

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Brand's Digital Marketing

Prudent Branding a Customer-Focused branding printing shop. I love this company! They always surprise me with the best prices and amazing quality. I hope behind the scenes is a very happy team because I think they are great!

I wish them all the best for future. Dr. Vivek Kumar - Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

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