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Branding and marketing a Hospital which has a long standing of a traditional hospital is bit tricky. It takes a lot of effort to brand it as a modern hospital. Indeed it is a learning expereince too. We got involved with the team of Shanti Madan Hospital in order to learn their practice and procedure. The challenge was to give them a new fresh look, keeping in mind their existing portfolio and the brand value they already presist.

Advertising and Marketing Services for Hospital

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Hospital Branding Agency

Branding a Super Speciality Hospital

Team Prudent Branding, met the owner & director of the hospital, Dr. Pradeep Kumar ji who is a well known Paediatrician in the area. We understood his vision and layed out a plan of show casing their hospital with new and modern hospital with all the amenities a modern hospital can have. Pleasure meeting Dr. Pradeep ji, we learnt a lot from him.

Hospital Marketing Agency

Marketing a Multi-Speciality Hospital

We created a sensible campaign in alignment with all the doctors and practices of the hospital and used the tradition format of hoardings and newspaper ads at first then taking it up all the way to digital platforms of marketing and generated a loyal audience that is now ever increasing. Campaign ethically done with perfection!

Hospital Marketing Experts

Hospital Marketing Experts

We brought all the speciality under the one identity of Shanti Madan itself. This helped the brand to visually connect better with its audience bringing down the unnecessary expenses, sharply. We crafted some of the best designs of hospital stationery items for the brand. Praised a lot by the entire team of the Shanti Madan Hospital.

Hospital Business Cards Design Agency

Hospital Business Cards

Duplex printed & laminated

Hospital letterhead designs agency

Hospital Letterheads

Duplex print with complete list of facilities.

Hospital presentation folder design agency

Hospital Folder Design

Folder Design for Hospital.

Hospital Envelop Design Agency

Hospital Envelop Design

Hospital Envelop Design.

Creative Envelop Design Agency

Creative Envelop Design

Hospital Envelop Design.

Professional Photoshoot Agency

Professional Photoshoot Agency

Professional Videoshoot Studio

Professional Videoshoot Studio

Professional Photography, Videoshoot Studio

Behind the Scenes - Photoshoot

Let’s face it: doctors aren’t brand developers. You certainly have a say on what goes into your entire branding and marketing shall look like — but we (designers) spend years learning about user experience, and cultivating an eye for design. Although we have access to medical stock photos and an advanced cameras, it can be tough to choose the right photographs for the entire campaign without professional experience. So, here we come up by clicking perfect pictures for the entire campaign.

Hospital Marketing Agency

Hospital Marketing Agency

Team Prudent Branding, did a deep dive research while starting up for the content and creative planning for the marketing material of hospital including hospital brochures design, hospital flyers designs, hospital poster designs for indoor branding, hospital outdoor branding designs and much more. At the end it was a pleasing expereince of setting up everything right.

Creative Flyers Design Agency

Hospital Flyers Design

Detailed well explained hospital flyer designs were made.

Creative Leaflet Designs Agency

Hospital Leaflet Designs

Detailed well explained hospital flyers designs.

Hospital Hoarding Design Agency

Hospital Hoarding Design

Selective, location hoarding elevations.

Hospital Newspaper Ads Design Agency

Hospital Newspaper Ads

Engaging, newspaper advertising campaigns.

Hospital best Website Design Company

Hospital Website Design Company

We make websites that deliver patients. Well planned, properly executed Hospital website keeping all the angles in mind. A website is about more than design, there are various key elements that help prospective patients to find browse through the website, see your services, call your team, and schedule an appointment. We ensure that these elements are there in the every website that we do.

hospital best website seo company

Hospital Website SEO

Today, most patients in need of a healthcare provider will begin their search online. Even if your organization is primarily physician referred, people are searching for your website before following through with an appointment. Hospital website seo company that follows ethical and postive SEO activites.

Best Ditigal Marketing Agency

Brand's Digital Marketing

If you’re in the business of healthcare, social media may help increase brand loyalty and boost your reputation.

We helped the brand by setting up and maintaining their healthcare social media account on various platform with engaging content from all the practices.

instagram promotion agency for hospital


Posts, Promotions, Followers at Insta

facebook marketing agency for hospital


Posts, Likes, Lead Generations at FB

social media marketing Agency for Hosptials

Social Media Marketing Agency for Hospital

Excellent quality, with very helpful staff and a very fast turn around. I'm not looking to try any other company again. Happy with the price and customer service. I’m very glad I have gone with Prudent Branding. Prabal ji was personally involved throughout the entire process of branding and was very prompt each and every time i called him up.

We are happy that together we achived the expected creative work and a well planned execution of the same.

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