Pathology & Diagnostic Labs Marketing

Pathology & Diagnostic Labs Marketing is all about acquiring more patients for pathology & diagnostic labs via a well-crafted Traditional & Digital Strategy. That is what we did at SMH during the project. It’s important that labs get their word out effectively regarding their servicing options and to position their brand effectively by referring them physicians and healthcare partners.

Advertising Marketing Services for Pathology & Diagnostic Labs

Brand Study Brand Strategy Brand Planning Brand Collateral Brand Positioning
Logo Design Visual Identity Design Stationery Design Document Folder Design Brochures Catalog Design
Website Planning Website Structure Design Website SEO Ethical Digital Media Marketing Outdoor Media Marketing
Pathology Labs Branding Agency

Pathology Labs Branding

The most important customer for a laboratory is the local or community based physician. During branding a pathlogy lab we emphasised on creative a branding marketing material that impresses the audience at large, specially the Physicians in the area. We were looking forward to build the trust of brand and we succeded well in that.

Diagnostic Labs Marketing Agency

Diagnostic Labs Marketing

It is significant that Pathology labs get their information out publicly, displaying their efficiency about their accurate service and timely report. A detailed and well planned strategy was created for Marketing Disgnostic Labat Shanti Madan Hospital.

Pathology Lab Marketing Experts

Pathology Marketing Experts

An entire fresh new visual identity of Mahi Pap Clinic was created under the umbrella brand of SMH. This includes - Business cards, Letterheads for reports, document folders for diagnostic reports. In-clinic communcation material along with out clinic brand was also developed for the same.

Pathlab Business Cards Design Agency

Pathlab Business Cards

Both side printed laminated

Diagnostic Center Letterheads Design Agency

Letterheads for Diagnostic Center

Both side print with complete list of facilities.

Pathlogy Docket Folder Design Agency

Pathlogy Docket Folder

Pathlogy Docket Folder was designed and printed.

Pathlab Reports Folder Design Agency

Pathlab Reports Folder

Pathlab Docket Folder was designed and printed.

Promotional Mug Folder Design Agency

Promotional Mug Folder

Promotional Mug for the Pathlab was designed and printed.

Professional Pathology Photography Agency

Pathology Photoshoot

Diagnostic Center Photography Studio

Diagnostic Center Photoshoot

Professional Photography and Videography Studio

Photoshoot for a Diagnostic Center was being conducted.

Pathlab Marketing Agency

Brand's Marketing Material

We created a bold and impactful brand marketing material of pathology lab in Shanti Madan Hospital.

The resulting brand and designing helps the brand to stand out within a quick-decision service pathlab healthcare industry.

Pathology Flyer Design Agency

Pathology Flyer Design

Pathology Flyer Design was developed.

Pathology Poster Design Agency

Pathology Poster Design

Pathology Poster was designed and printed.

Pathology Poster Design Experts

Poster Design - Pathlab

Pathlab Poster Designed and printed.

Pathlab Website Design Expert Agency

Pathlab Website Design

Well planned, properly executed website keeping all the angles in mind.

Diagnostic Lab SEO Expert Agency

Diagnostic Lab Genuine SEO

Ethical and postive SEO activites were performed.

Digital Marketing Experts

Brand's Digital Marketing

We create engaging clinical content for pathology lab and mind-blowing visuals which help patients to quickly get through the desired information.

Engaging online advertisements that attract and help patients.

Pathlab Instagram Marketing Agency


Posts, Promotions, Followers at Insta

Diagnostic Lab Facebook Marketing Agency


Posts, Likes, Lead Generations at FB

social media posts design agency

Pathology Digital Posts

They’ve made it incredibly easy for us as at Shanti Madan, who had very little knowledge of what was needed at our juncture.

Prudent Branding is sharing in the responsibility of helping SMH grow, and our experience with them has always been professional and lots of fun.

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