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One can get the feel of rural Punjab while you dine and enjoy North indian Punjabi Cuisine at Oye Punjabi, Noida. People have become very adventurous in their food choices and experiment with different cuisine styles from across the world. Oye Punjabi is a Chain of punjabi authentic restaurants in Delhi NCR, North India. It serves North Indian punjabi cuisine. This was the first fine dining outlet by them where all our graphic designers were put on the challenge of time frame. Go on and enjoy the storyline of the brand !

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Branding a Punjabi Food Chain

Team Prudent Branding, met the owner Mr. Manmeet Dewan who is a leader of his industry, very much enthusiastic about his passion to open up and executing a well know restaurant in the towm. We understood his vision and executed the requirements one by one to achieve the desired results.

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Branding a Fine-dine Resturant

This outlet of oye Punjabi has become a talk of town because of its unconventional decor and it revieve the history of Punjabi Culture. It is getting national acclaims and even the expats enjoy regional palette under this contemporary styling. Creativity was on its best during this project.

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Brand's Visual Identity

We worked on an entire Punjabi visual identity of Oye Punjabi Restaurant. This includes - Business cards, Letterheads for proposals and contracts.

Intense and intersting work was in mind while doing this project.

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'Balle Balle' was our expereince with team Prudent Branding, Meerut. Maste Bandey hain aur dil laga ke kaam karte hain. They gave in the best of creatives from time to time and best in the market available prints.

Prudent Branding shared the responsibilty and help us in better brand development as well as brand positioning.

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