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We have two types of color catalog printing - short-run catalogs for small-quantity requirements and bulk catalogs for large-quantity orders which are perfect for small to medium sized businesses. With bulk catalog printing, every catalog would be consistent in quality, whether they’re gift catalogs, clothing catalogs, or whatever kind they may be. Our short-run printing is great for personal use as the order quantity ranges between 25 to 150 pieces.
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You can choose among the specs and catalog sizes we offer online. Here are the most commonly used catalog sizes:

5.5"x8.5" - Tall, slim-sized catalogs. Best used for describing a few products with enough space for short descriptions. Perfect examples are for watches and jewelry catalogs.
6"x6" to 6"x9" - Square or rectangular-shaped catalogs. Great for describing low-volume products/services with minimal features.
8.5"x11" to 9"x12" - Most commom catalog size. Best for featuring clothing and apparels.
12"x12" - Biggest standard size for catalogs to showcase a large number of products/services.They're able to show more information (e.g. department store catalogs, supermarket catalogs)

Paper options - Cover :
- 250 / 300gsm Imported art card in Matt / Gloss coat or
- 300gsm Imported SBS card in Matt / Gloss Coat.

Paper options - Text (inside) :
- 100gsm / 130gsm / 170gsm Art paper or
- 95gsm / 110gsm Super Print Paper or
- 95gsm or - 80gsm Maplitho Paper for inside pages.

Center Pin - For Center Pin books, we have Flowline option available.
Spiral or Wiro - Both options of Wiro & Spiral are available for Books.
Perfect Bind - Option of Perfect bind or Perfect bind with section sweing is available.
Hardboubd - Option of Hard bound book manufacturing is available.
Lamination - Option of Both side Matt / Gloss Thermal Lamination.

Need help? Please Contact us -

We will be happy to assist you at Prudent Prints -
Connect with us at:

1. Landline: 0121 4028 000
2. Handfone: 098370 00094 or 098370 00093 or 083958 00094
3. Email us at
and ask us what your requirement and we shall do the following:

- Provide you the quote as per your requirement.
- We can also design your artwork.Try us ! We are quite reasonable!

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