Preschool Advertising and Marketing

Crayon & Kids (CNK) came to us in early 2018, they were quite keen to create a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that makes a customer want to choose them over another. We had many chit chat sessions with them untill we came to freee on the strategy on how to get CNK pre-school brand to stand out among the crowd.

Services for Advertising and Marketing Preschool

Brand Strategy Brand Collateral Web Design
Logo Design OOH Branding Video Production
Identity System Digital Marketing Audio Production
Preschool Advertising Marketing Agency

Branding a Play School

We focused on integrating our creative graphic services inline with Crayon & Kids (CNK) brand to get better attention from their prospects.

Preschool Advertising Marketing Company

Branding a Kinder Garden

Crayon & Kids (CNK) were guided well on, that any mismatch between what they say and what they deliver will hurt them in the long run.

Play School Marketing Agency

Brand's Visual Identity

An entire fresh & new visual identity of Crayon & Kids (CNK). Business cards, Letterheads, Envelops, Presentation folders, brochures, posters, keychains, wall paint designs. In-school communcation material along with out school brand was also developed for the same.

Play School Business Cards Design Agency

Business Cards

Play School Letterheads Design Company


Play School Envelops Design Agency


Preschool Presentation Folder Design Company

Presentation Folder

Preschool Keychain Design Agency


Play School Poster Design Company


Impressive Posters for CNK Brand.

Play School Fee Card Design Agency

Fee Card

Fee Card of CNK for collection record.

Preshool Marketing Experts Agency

Preshool Marketing Experts

Bold and impactful brand marketing material to reflect unique approach of CNK in the ethical manner and original creatives. The resulting brand and designing helps the brand to stand out within a quick-decision service healthcare industry.

Preshool Flyers Design Agency


Preshool Report Cards Design Company

Report Cards

Preshool Calendar Design Agency


Play School Admission Form Design Company

Admission Form

Play School Admission Flyers Design Agency

Admission Flyers

Play School Name Slip Design Company

Name Slip

Play School Certificate Design Agency


Preshool Invite Design Company


Preshool School Diary Design Agency

School Diary

Preshool School Diary Design Company

School Diary Inner

Prudent Branding is a one-stop-shop for all of our advertising, marketing & branding. They really did the quick work and were ethically quite strong. This helped us to stand better in front of our competition. Thanks Team Prudent Branding !