School Marketing and Advertising Agency

St. Patricks Academy came to us in early 2018, as being a mishnary school they had most of their activites planned but were lacking in creative execution of same. The purpose of bringing Prudent Branding on board was our skill set of knowledge, expertise and experience.

Services for Advertising and Marketing School

Brand Planing Brand Collateral Web Design
Logo Design OOH Branding Video Production
Identity System Digital Marketing Audio Production
School Marketing, Advertising Company

Branding an ICSE School

We focused on integrating our creative graphic services inline with St. Patricks Academy brand to get better attention from their prospects.

School Marketing, Advertising Company

Branding a Higher Secondry School

St. Patricks Academy was an ICSC board school with plan to increase every year. We helps them with creative execution of their requirements.

School Marketing Experts

School Marketing Experts

Every single markting item was developed for St. Patricks. Business cards, Letterheads, Envelops, Presentation folders, brochures, posters, wall paint designs. In-school communcation material as per the brand requirement was also developed for the same.

School Flyers Design Agency


School Poster Design Company

Single Poster

School Prospectus Design Agency

Prospectus 2018-19

School Prospectus Design Company

Prospectus Inner 2018-19

School Admission Form Design Agency

Admission Form

School Document Folder Design Company

Document Folder

Impressive Folder for Brand.

School Diary Design Agency

School Diary

School Diary of SPA for record.

School Note Book Design Company

Note Book

School Registration Form Design Agency

Registration Form

School Registration Card Design Company

Registration Card

School Prospectus Design Agency

School Prospectus Design 2020

School Prospectus Design Company

School Prospectus Design 2020 Inner

Prudent Branding is a one-stop-shop for all of our advertising, marketing & branding. They really did the quick work and were ethically quite strong. This helped us to stand better in front of our competition. Thanks Team Prudent Branding !