Hair Transplant Doctor's Branding & Marketing Strategy.

Branding, advertising & marketing Hair Transplant Doctor: If you don't approach it with the right knowledge, tools and guidance, then branding a Hair Transplant Doctor practice can be very painful. With our proven marketing experience we help you to market your Hair Transplant practice with perfection. The pateint will come up with a convinced approach and has full trust in your Hair Transplant treatment. Hence right conversion becomes easy and you help more and more patients to live a better life.

The right approach for Dentist Doctor Marketing & Branding.

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Challenge : Hair Transplant Marketing ?

There's a science and practical approach to marketing a Hair Transplant practice. Hair Transplant marketing when doen ethically will help attract new patients to your practice as well as to retain present and past patients as well. The biggest challenge in Hair Transplant marketing is to always stay upto date and upgraded as in comparison to your competition and this was the challenge with Dr. Avi ji when he came to us. He invested his time in serving patients and ugrade his knowledge and infra but was never ever been able to showcase it to his targeted audience.

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Solution : Branding Hair Transplant Doctor!

We listen to her patiently and then crafted a stratgey that keeps his practice circulating and upgrading all the year long. We handled all the marketing and advertising requirement that Hair Transplant branch of Rudra Healthcare was lacking at. We initiated from tradition marketing like flyers, brochures, hoardings and further to digital or mordern ways of marketing the Hair Transplant practice like website, social media, whatsapp & sms messaging. This helps the brand to update the audience at large and keeps the ball rotating.

Hair Transplant Doctor Logo & Stationery Design

Stationery design for a Hair Transplant Doctor was developed keeping in mind all the services he has to offer. The design was in context to other offerings of the brand. All the services were brought under one umbrella with the same color and design theme.

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Hair Transplant Doctor branches

Hair Loss Treatments, PRP & GFC, Hair Transplant by FUE, Non Scarring, Sutureless Procedure, are the branches that are served by doctor Hair Transplant specialist at Rudra Healthcare.

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Local Google Listing

One of the most important aspect of the entire project - Local Listing. This helps Hair Transplant Doctor to have patients from his local proximity that grows further. The positve reviews system also helped them to gain confidence in there practice and helped other visitors to this platform as well.

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Photo & Video Shoot

A photo and video shoot was planned well in advanced for the Hair Transplant doctor. We had taken up shot from all the aspects that may be require in furture. Many talk videos were also shot and compiled to be used for branding on youtube and other social media handles of the brand.

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In-clinic & Out-Clinic Branding

One of the utmost priority of the brand is Clinic Branding - Out-Clinic as well as In-clinic branding. We inline our shoot with the content and try to utilize every aspect of the building. The location was very much visible after this activity. The locals residing the premises were happy to learn about the facilities Rudra was having.

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Social Media Marketing

Profesionally created and managed social media handles were in placed for the dental branch of Rudra Healthcare. This indded help to increase the reach of the brand offerings to the local audience.

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Website Design & SEO

We worked upon a website interface that ensure smooth user navigation to his query and concern. A well explnatory and rich content based website was developed which was linked with social media and all the video's we did for the brand. The SEO also helped the brand to gain popularity in the region. The website became an essential part of the marketing for Rudra Healthcare and is being updated from time to time.

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Excellent quality, with very helpful staff and a very fast turn around. I'm not looking to try any other company again. Happy with the price and customer service. I’m very glad I have gone with Prudent Branding. Prabal ji was personally involved throughout the entire process of branding and was very prompt each and every time i called him up.
We are happy that together we achived the expected creative work and a well planned execution of the same.

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