Radiology Diagnostic Centre Marketing

Branding and marketing Diagnostic Radiology Centre: Branding a Radiology Diagnostic centre is all togther a complicated task but if done with proper knowledge and experince the results will sure come out to wonders. The branding is done with keeping both the business aspects in mind, B2B & B2C. A radiology diagnostic centres serves mainly to doctors of various medical branches such as cardiology, neurology, orho, dental, urology and all other ones. Another aspect of B2C is also essential for the practice to prosper. People at large as now a days aware of basic tests and diagnose they require from time to time. So the task become really teadious and enjoyable as it keeps marketing hand on hand all the time.

Branding Points for Diagnostic Centre Marketing:

Brand Study Brand Strategy Brand Planning Brand Collateral Brand Positioning
Logo Design Visual Identity Design Stationery Design Document Folder Design Brochures Catalog Design
Website Planning Website Structure Design Website SEO Ethical Digital Media Marketing Outdoor Media Marketing
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Diagnostic Centre B2B Marketing

Doctor to Doctor Branding: The marketing of radiological services is actually the management of strategic relationships, which are dependent on this referral pattern. For radiology and imaging centers, we provide effective B2B marketing and branding strategies based on our experience and a scientific approach. We understand the connections and requirements that a Gyane or cardio doctor may require. Our focus is mostly to stay in touch with them on regular basis through various b2b marketing techniques by using centre equipment based literature, videos, whatsapp posts for updates and greetings on festivals.

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Radiology Centre B2C Branding

Doctor to Patient Branding: One of the fastest and most effective ways to market an imaging center is to have excellent connections and community trust and that means being available at hard times of others and being socially active and connected. Social media is the most cost-efficient part of a marketing plan for a diagnostic center these days for a better b2c connectivity at all times. We make use of follow ups and do our best to gather reviews from patients. Use of survey forms to find out what patients think of your radiology centre, the staff and how convenient it was to get in and out of your facility. This helps other patients at large to gain confidence in your brand.

Logo and Stationery Designs for Diagnosis Centre

A pathway to proceed. For radiology groups and imaging centers, we provide effective stationery design and understand the entire brand requirement through visual identity prospective.

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Showcasing of Departments

We indulge ourselves in proper understanding of diagnosis centre setup and offerings in order to make a marketing plan in occordance to the same. We start from preparing b2b list and further get into b2c offerings.

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Out Centre Branding

Carefully crafting the hoardings and board outside the premises for maximum visitbilty of the location.

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Local Listing for Reviews

Local search on google maps is the utmost important thing for the diagnostic centre of the city. The reviews also play important role in generating confidence among the society regarding the centre. The local listing was automatically created by google, we then got into picture and try to get hold of it by connecting with google.

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Social Media Creation + Handling

Both the social media handles of Facebook and Instagram were created for the diagnostic centre and are being updated regularly. We interconnected them and setup the facebook business backend to run ads and campaigns for the brand.

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Brochure for the Centre

A well detailed and explained brochure is also very essential for diagnostic centre. We designed a fully informative brochure keeping both the segments in mind, b2b & b2c. The brochure is circulated with every report and is also kept on the front desk.

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