Radiology MRI | CT Scan Marketing

Branding and Marketing MRI | CT Scan of a Diagnostic Radiology Centre: The idea was to advertise both the machines simultaneously in order to impact the market with the latest offerings a radiology centre has.

Branding Points for MRI & Cardiac CT Scan Marketing:

Flyers / Leaflets Carry Bag & CD Covers In-house branding Social Media Ads Magazine Ads
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MRI & Cardiac CT Scan Marketing

Doctor to Doctor Branding: We educated this segment through an advert in magazine circulated through local IMA arm. This helps us to reach each and every doctor of the town within no time. Post this we all send in Centre PRO with more literature and features of both the machines.

Hospital Marketing Agency

MRI & Cardiac CT Scan Branding

Doctor to Patient Branding: In-clinic adverts, social media adverts were the main platform through with we generated leads for these two machines. We share the knowledge of advancement these two machines were having and this in turn helped the brand to prosper well.

Leaftlet Design for MRI & Cardiac CT Scan

A pathway to proceed. For radiology groups and imaging centers, we provide effective stationery design and understand the entire brand requirement through visual identity prospective.

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Carry Bag & CD Cover Design for MRI & Cardiac CT Scan

We indulge ourselves in proper understanding of diagnosis centre setup and offerings in order to make a marketing plan in occordance to the same. We start from preparing b2b list and further get into b2c offerings.

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In-Clinic MRI & Cardiac CT Scan Branding

Carefully crafting the hoardings and board outside the premises for maximum visitbilty of the location.

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Ad Display on Social Media for MRI & Cardiac CT Scan

Local search on google maps is the utmost important thing for the diagnostic centre of the city. The reviews also play important role in generating confidence among the society regarding the centre. The local listing was automatically created by google, we then got into picture and try to get hold of it by connecting with google.

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Magazine & Newspaper Ad Design of MRI & CT Scan

Both the social media handles of Facebook and Instagram were created for the diagnostic centre and are being updated regularly. We interconnected them and setup the facebook business backend to run ads and campaigns for the brand.

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