Mammography Marketing Strategy

Branding and Marketing of a Mammography service by a Diagnostic Centre: Mammography is to examine patient's breasts in order to detect any tumors, mostly recommended by Gyane to there patients and self awareness is also atlarge. We circled our strategy around this - we educated Gyane's through pro's and geeral public at large via ads and social media.

Branding Points for Mammography Marketing:

Educating Gyane Mass Audience awareness In-house branding Social Media Ads Magazine Ads
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Mammography Marketing

Doctor to Doctor Branding: We educated this segment (mostly Gyane) through an advert in magazine circulated through local IMA arm. This helps us to reach each and every doctor of the town within no time. Post this we also sent in Centre PRO with more literature and features of Mammography Machine.

Hospital Marketing Agency

Mammography Scan Branding

Doctor to Patient Branding: In-clinic adverts, social media adverts were the main platform through with we generated leads for mammography test directly. We share the importance of Mammography to the respective audience via various chanels and this in turn helped the mammography project to prosper well.

Campaign for Gyane via PRO's

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Mass audience awareness campaign

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In-Clinic Mammography Scan Branding

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Ad Display on Social Media for Mammography Scan

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Magazine & Newspaper Ad Design of Mammography Scan

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Strategist. Initially they took couple of weeks to understand but when they came back with concepts, we were all amazed.

They hit the ball right and results were awesome.

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